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Adversement Guidelines

New Guidelines:
To keep pace with the changing needs, the State Government revised the Tripura Advertisement Policy Rules, 1998 (copy enclosed in Flag – B) and issued the new advertisement policy called Tripura Advertisement Guidelines, 2009 (copy enclosed in Flag – A) which came into force on 1st January, 2009 under which local newspapers came to be categorized in 3 Categotries as A, B & C in lieu of 4 Categories vis A – I, A, B & C under earlier Advertisement Policy Rules, 1998.

In consideration of the demand of the Press owners, the State Government amended the provisions of Tripura Advertisement Guidelines, 2009 through a notification dated 24th September, 2009 where the main changes are as follows:

  1. A Category:Paid circulation of 13,000 and above instead of 15,000 and above.
    B Category:Paid circulation 7,500 to 13,000 in place of 7,500 to 15,000.

  2. Every Classfied Advertisement will be normally issued to 5 newspapers (A Category – 2 papers, B Category – 2 papers and C Category – 1 paper) simultaneously as far as practicable. Those who are agreeable to the rate so fixed by the State Government will be given Government Advertisement for publication.

  3. The rate of Classified Advertisement in newspaper per column centimeter shall be substituted by the following:
    A Category– Rs. 60/- per column centimeter.
    B Category– Rs. 50/- per column centimeter.
    C Category– Rs. 35/- per column centimeter.

The existing guidelines were further amended on 4th September, 2011 in respect of certification of circulation for A Category as mentioned below:

Certificate issued by ABC, Printer’s certificate, Statement of use of newsprint including bills and challans and yearly statement of audit and balance sheet.

Committee for Enlistment/Upgradation of newspaper:

Upgradation of newspaper (Categorization/enlistment of local newspaper): For Categorization/enlistment of local newspaper, it is mentioned in the existing guidelines in:

9. (a) There shall be a Committee namely “Circulation Committee” headed by Director, ICAT with the members namely i) Labour Commissioner, ii) Deputy Secretary (Law), iii) Senior Journalist which will examine and consider the circulation figure of the newspaper and recommend the same to the Government.

(b) The said Committee will examine the existing newspapers circulation level and recommend to the Government for fitting them into the appropriate category of A, B & C. (notification of Committee formation is enclosed in Flag – C).


Enlistment of local edition of outside newspapers of metropolitan cities as mentioned in No. – 17 in the existing guidelines are as follows:

Local edition of outside newspapers may be enlisted with the ICAT Department for issue of advertisement subject to fulfillment of the following criteria:

  1. The local edition of outside newspapers of metropolitan cities must have paid circulation of not less than one lakh in original edition. Copy of circulation certificate of RNI/ABC is required to be enclosed with application for enlistment alongwith other required certificate/clearance etc.

  2. Such daily newspapers must have atleast 10(ten) pages with local supplement of minimum 2(two) pages.

  3. For distribution of advertisement to the local editions norms of A Category will be followed.

  4. Minimum size of the newspapers should not be less than 45cm X 8 standard column width or equivalent print space.

The eligibility criteria for categorization of local newspapers as per existing guidelines are as follows:

Sl. No. Items. Eligibility Criteria for A Category. Eligibility Criteria for B Category. Eligibility Criteria for C Category.
1. Paid Circulation. 13,000 & above. 7,500 to 13,000. 3,000 to 7,500.
2. Circulation Certificate. From ABC. From C.A. Firm (local). From C.A. Firm (local).
3. Page (at least). 8 pages. 6 pages. 4 pages.
4. Print Space. 45 cm X 7 standard col. 45 cm X 7 standard col. 35 cm X 5 standard col.
5. Authorized Sales Agents. In all District, Sub-Dvn. & Block HQs. In all District HQs, 80% Sub-Dvn. & 60% Block HQs. i) All District HQs, 60% Sub-Dvn. & 40% Block HQs.
ii) The Weekly and other periodical newspapers must have Sales Agents atleast
40% of Sub-Dvn. HQs. The paper must have circulation of 1000 & above.
6. Other essential certificates. i) Printer’s Certificate.
ii) Statement of use of newsprint including bills & challans.
iii) Yearly statement of Audit & Balance Sheet.
iv) List of paid employees.
i) Printer's Certificate.
ii) Yearly statement of Audit & Balance Sheet.
iii) List of paid employees.
i) Printer's Certificate.
ii) List of paid employees.
7. Mode of printing. Offset. Offset. Offset/Letter Print.
8. Publication Status. Daily (Daily means 365 issues). Daily (Daily means 365 issues). Daily/Weekly (Weekly means 45 issues in a year).

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